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The world of parenting is a non-stop thrill ride. Each day seems filled with well-intentioned advice, new studies and thoughtful research, parenting blogs, endless Facebook posts on what to do or not do alongside a high bench mark of expectations running the gambit of artfully prepared lunch boxes to how to successfully navigate a playdate. For so many parents navigating this landscape of information and balancing it with the demands of work and home creates a tight-rope of often stressful decision making. It can be so incredibly overwhelming, even for the most dedicated parents.  Couple that with a stigma on parenting education programs and there is a toxic mix that can cause parents who are trying their best to feel overwhelmed and under prepared for the daunting task of raising a healthy and happy human being.

The Triple P, Positive Parenting Program, is here to help. New in Lane County, the Triple P program takes a public health approach to normalize and encourage positive parenting education across the entire community. This evidence-based parenting support program is shown to be effective at improving parenting skills, reducing stress in parents, and improving the health and wellbeing of children ages 2-12. Triple P is designed to give parents the skills they need to raise confident, healthy children and to build stronger family relationships.

There are five key principals to Triple P's Positive Parenting programs:

Triple P is a collaborative project funded by Trillium Community Health Plan in partnership with Lane County Public Health, LaneKids, Parenting Now!, and Oregon Research Institute. United Way of Lane County is serving as the convener for the project to support the partnership as it works collaboratively to bridge the divide and get this resource into the hands of parents.

The Triple P program utilizes a three-pronged approach:

At United Way of Lane County, we are excited to be a part of bringing this new resource to Lane County families. By reducing stigma around parenting education and using Triple P to strengthen family relationships and parental capability, we are confident that strong outcomes for children and families will continue to improve on the overall health of Lane County’s children and our shared future.

To learn more about Lane County Triple P, For parenting education opportunities, local events, and articles on parenting, visit www.LaneKids.orgor follow LaneKids on Facebook. [LA2]




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