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Your Money, Your Goals: A Financial Empowerment Toolkit

The United Way of Lane County Financial Stability Partnership™ is offering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Your Money Your Goals Toolkit for social service case managers, as a resource that acknowledges the unique access and trust that case managers have with their clients. The toolkit is designed to help those case managers match the financial needs of their clients with the content and tools to address the issue on a just-in-time basis.

As a result of the training, individuals will learn a foundation of financial knowledge that will help them become comfortable in using the toolkit with their clients, colleagues, family and friends. Participants will not be expected to become or serve as financial advisors or educators, merely the connection point for many families needing a small nudge to take that first step.

Participants in a training session will walk away with:

* A copy of the toolkit,

* Increased confidence in how to have financial conversations

* Strong understanding of many of the toolkit’s modules.



We ask participants to fill out a pre- and post-survey during the training, as well as a 30-day follow up survey to report on use of the toolkit and areas where additional training may be required. This training is part of a nationwide effort to better understand ways that we can support client relationships to help families move toward financial stability.

If your organization is interested training staff, please contact us at 541-741-6000.

*Some fees may apply.