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Low-Cost Medical and Dental Clinics

Low-Cost Healthcare Clinics: Referral Card
Low-Cost Healthcare Clinics: Detailed Directory

Low-Cost Healthcare Clinics: Map


4J School-Based Health Centers
The 4J School-Based Health Centers offers medical care to children and adolescents living within the 4J School District. The health centers are located at Churchill High School and North Eugene High School.

Bethel Health Center
Bethel Health Center provides low and no-cost medical care and counseling services to children living within the Bethel School District boundaries. The health center is located at Cascade Middle School.

Cascade Health Solutions
Cascade Health Solutions offers a unique array of services that positively contribute to people's health. Services are community-based, provided outside of a hospital setting and include occupational health, employee assistance, health education and risk management, mental health treatment, home health, and hospice.

Center for Community Counseling
The Center for Community Counseling is a non-profit mental health organization that for more than three decades has been a resource for low-income and uninsured adults in Lane County who are in need of mental health services but have no other means of receiving assistance.

Centro Latino Americano
Centro Latino Americano is dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community of Lane County by offering social services, access to community resources, and advocating for fair treatment. Centro Latino Americano offers translation and interpretation services, social services, and community mental and behavioral health services.

Community Health Centers of Lane County
The Community Health Centers of Lane County’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of our community through access to affordable, holistic healthcare. It offers affordable primary care for the whole family.  No matter your age, family situation or ability to pay – Community Health Centers is your partner in affordable healthcare. They have multiple clinic sites throughout the Eugene/Springfield area.

HIV Alliance
HIV Alliance's mission is supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS and preventing new HIV infections. HIV Alliance offers HIV and Hepatitis C case management services, prevention and testing for HIV, Hepatitis C, and STIs, and behavioral health counseling.

Hourglass Community Crisis Center
Hourglass Community Crisis Center serves individuals who are in need of short-term, mental health crisis assessment and stabilization but do not require the medical capabilities of an acute care hospital or longer-term residential care. Hourglass Community Crisis Center is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and operated by a highly trained dedicated staff whose goal is to provide support, stabilization, and linkage to community services.

Occupy Medical
Occupy Medical is a free mobile urgent care unit. They are an all-volunteer run clinic. Occupy Medical has licensed RNs, CNAs, EMTs, mental health workers, nutritionists, and a medical support team providing care.

Orchid Health Clinic Oakridge
Orchid Health Clinic was founded with the belief that our state’s rural communities deserve to have accessible, high-quality healthcare. Orchid Health Clinic offers local, comprehensive healthcare in Oakridge.

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon
Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon's mission is to ensure the right of all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health, by providing health services, education, and advocacy. Planned Parenthood has multiple sites throughout Lane County.

South Lane Children’s Dental Clinic
South Lane Children’s Dental Clinic’s mission is to improve the children’s dental health in South Lane and North Douglas Counties, by providing professional dental health care services, both preventive and restorative, to under-served children at no cost. They offer dental care to uninsured or underserved children enrolled at South Lane, Creswell, North Douglas, and Crow-Applegate-Lorane school districts.

South Lane Mental Health
South Lane Mental Health is a non-profit community mental health organization serving the greater Cottage Grove, Oregon region.  Since 1988, South Lane Mental Health has been committed to helping people affected by mental illness and emotional problems better understand their condition and take steps toward recovery and living independently and productively in the community.

Volunteers In Medicine
Volunteers In Medicine (VIM) provides a free, comprehensive program of primary care, mental health services, prescription assistance, laboratory services, and women's health care to low-income Lane County adults who have no health insurance and are ineligible for government health care programs.

White Bird Clinic
White Bird is a collective environment organized to enable people to gain control of their social, emotional and physical well-being through direct service, education, and community. White Bird has a Medical and Dental clinic.

Willamette Family Inc
For over forty-five years Willamette Family Treatment, Inc. has been assisting clients and families on the journey of recovery. Willamette Family uses evidence based therapies that are specific to meeting the needs of men, women, and children and promotes proven methods of recovery. Willamette Family also offers primary health care for individuals without insurance or the ability to access primary medical services.