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Preschool Promise Program. A pilot program unfolding across Lane County that strives to increase the number of low-income children who have access to quality learning environments, Preschool Promise represents the collaborative commitment of United Way, the Lane Early Learning Alliance, Family Connections of Lane and Douglas Counties, and a number of partners across the community committed to helping children.

With funding from the state of Oregon and a strong foundation in early education best practices, Preschool Promise opened 175 opportunities for kids between the ages of 3 to 5 at high-quality preschools. The program centers around the philosophy that families should be able to choose the setting that works best for their children and family.

With recruitment actively underway, United Way and the Lane Early Learning Alliance are working hard to ensure that this valuable resource reaches the families who need it most. We know that continuing to support families and provide quality early learning opportunities for our children is a pivotal piece of creating a brighter future for Lane County.

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