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Eugene and Springfield - EGAN WARMING CENTER

The Egan Warming Center is a coalition of community members representing service providers, nonprofits, faith and social activists communities and local government who have come together since 2008 to ensure that homeless people have shelter during extreme cold weather. Named in honor of Major Thomas Egan, a homeless veteran who froze to death during a cold spell in 2008, the Warming Center mission is simple:  to ensure that homeless people in Lane County have a place to sleep indoors when temperatures drop to 28 degrees or below between November 15th and March 31st.

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County serves as the primary agency responsible for implementing operation of the warming centers. Check the website to find when the warming centers are in operation.

Cottage Grove, Creswell and South Lane County - BEDS FOR FREEZING NIGHTS

Beds for Freezing Nights represents a coalition of South Lane County agencies and faith communities that provide safe, warm locations for sleeping when temperatures drop to 28 degress or below.

Visit to find when the South Lane County night shelters are open.