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When a company sponsors someone to join the United Way team for 3 months as a Loaned Executive, we make a promise. This experience will change them; it will inspire them; it will cultivate new skill sets and an entire network of supporters. Each time, we hope that the experience of joining the United Way team is one that these Loaned Executives will never forget.

Here are a few highlights from our 2015 Loaned Executives:

“I recently completed a presentation at McKenzie Willamette Medical Center when one of the nurses volunteered that she has given for many year.  She added that she has always identified that her contribution should be directed to “Health”, one of the three foundational program areas.  This time however, she saw a new purpose in the United Way and is instead giving to the general cause with a recognition and pride that her dollars will be thoughtfully applied across the range of needs funded each year by the campaign. 

I think the tag line on the 211 literature sums it up well when stating “80% of health has nothing to do with health care.”  It is through these little moments when the expression “live united” comes most clearly into focus. “

~Stuart Ramsing

"I am incredibly grateful for the amazing team of LEs that I got to work with.  There are times in business where teams don’t collaborate well because individual team members are too focused on their own personal objectives and what they can get out of a situation.  I have not experienced this once during my time as an LE, and feel blessed to have worked with a talented team that is enthusiastic, positive, hardworking, and collaborative.  The success of this year’s United Way campaign has remained everyone’s highest priority and it shows!”

~ Leisha Krueger

“The agency presentations that I have been a part of as of late have been particularly meaningful and note-worthy to me. In many ways, these presentations are little glimpses into the essence of United Way—an essence that is not easily explained or demonstrated. These presentations consistently turn into conversations, with both the agency speaker and the audience praising the visionary role that United Way of Lane County has played in our non-profit community.

And while these reflections on the past are both meaningful and important, it’s when these conversations turn towards the future that I feel the most “United Way magic”, if you will. Whether that means thinking about and discussing the important role that KITS will play in our community’s long term growth, or watching Pearl Buck and ShelterCare’s brain injury program realize they serve a very similar population and setting up tours of one another’s facilities: these are the moments that make me proud to advocate on behalf of this organization, and that allow that advocacy to truly come from my heart.”

~ Andrew Provencher


"Every day I reflect on the team that is United Way of Lane County. I am so grateful for the family in this office that I can work alongside of, pull pranks..err..I mean laugh with, problem solve with and strategize with, and also dream with. This office is full of GOOD people that are doing GOOD things for our community. How cool is that to be able to say?

Then, there are the powerful affirmations I will receive from individuals that I present to. Like the time when a woman pulled me aside so that she can hug me and share about her past obstacles and how she got through them. Or the time when an older gentleman was so passionate about United Way that he jumped up to give the presentation with of me!

Those are the best moments. We are all in this together. We want similar things for our futures, we all have a past…I’m grateful for others to value and see that too.“

~ Molly Snyder

United Way should be one of the investments each family's contributions include.  Why?  Three really good reasons I can think of.  One, United Way in Lane County is unique in its ability to bring together business, not-for-profits, government, education and community members to solve complex problems.  That ties into #2--United Way is about our local community.  To have the kind of community we all want to live in, we need to create it.  United Way is the vehicle for us to do that.  Three, United Way is efficient.  Their fundraising and administrative costs are low--so the money goes to the programs.  One of the reasons these costs are so low is due to the very effective use of community volunteers, including the Loaned Executives.  I am so honored to be part of the 2015 campaign--and to work side-by-side this dedicated, talented, and caring group of LE's.

~ Scott Purcell, 2015 Campaign Chair