Global Youth Service Day

United Way of Lane County served as a 2016 Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency, mobilizing North Eugene High School’s students to lead volunteer service projects that helped meet community needs. United Way of Lane County is a key leader of Global Youth Service Day, an international event on April 15-17, 2016 that celebrates the power of young people. As the official organizer of GYSD in their region, GYSD Lead Agencies are a vital part of YSA’s work to create a culture where all young people have the opportunities and the support they need to find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues.

United Way of Lane County engaged 228 North Eugene High School student volunteers, and partnered with 9 community-based organizations for 2016 GYSD. The projects took place mainly with the North Region of Eugene after a request from students to provide service to their local community.

Partner Agencies Hosting Volunteers:

Why North Eugene High School is implementing service learning into their school:

1.     To help students see and understand the roots of social injustice. North Eugene High School teachers spend a year using humanities classrooms as a medium for discussing global history and literature through the lens of social justice. This culminates in their youth Day Of Caring in an effort to reinforce the “myths and realities” surrounding social issues within our community and working to solve an issue directly

2.      This project based learning approach requires students to collaborate with their peers, learn leadership skills, and produce a professional product for an authentic audience, which challenges themselves to learn without being limited to a teacher evaluation. Developing skills they can take with them to college and career

3.     Both the teachers and United Way recognize the potenetial lack of exposure to community opportunities that can result from challenges in a student's environment.

What is Youth Service America (YSA) and Global Youth Service Day:

Youth Service America's mission is to improve communities by increasing the number and diversity of young people serving in substantive roles. Their Global Youth Service Day is a global event to celebrate the impact that youth service has on local communities year round. Find out more about the great work happening with youth volunteering around the globe: